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New Zoll Monitors

The Beach Park Fire Department would like to introduce to you the newest equipment on our ambulances! Our department was able to purchase two Zoll X-series cardiac monitors with a grant awarded by FEMA/DHS worth $74,500. On every ambulance call, our cardiac monitors are used to help our crews obtain vital signs such as: heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry levels, carbon monoxide levels, and cardiac rhythms. The current cardiac monitors on the front lines have done an excellent job aiding in the care of our patients for the last 10+ years, but had their limitations. With these new monitors, personnel will be able to detect and treat acute cardiac issues more quickly, efficiently, effectively to help improve the quality of care to our patients. In cardiac specific emergencies,  studies reveal that every second counts and rapid intervention is crucial to a more positive outcome. We are now able to transmit the data and rhythms we see in patients out in the field to receiving hospitals, which helps emergency room personnel gain a better insight to the conditions at hand. We are excited to be able to provide a standard of service that our community members and visitors deserve!