3233 N. Lewis Ave. Beach Park, IL 60087

Adopt A Highway Cleanup

The Beach Park Firefighters have obtained the Adopt A Highway cleanup for the Robert McClory Bike Path (Yorkhouse road to 33rd street). The Robert McClory Bike Path runs the length of Lake County, including the entire length of our village. This adoption of the bike path is a great privilege and can further show how much we care for our community; not only by serving public but by helping to keep it clean too. We have a cleanup date scheduled for Saturday, July 27th 2019 9:00AM-11:00AM.

We’d like to invite as many volunteers as possible and feel free to bring the family along. Our invitation also goes out to our Village officials, Public Works Dept., and Lake County Board representatives. We’re also hoping to get some photos of everyone working for our social media pages.
The Lake County DOT has offered to post the photos taken on their social media pages.