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The Beach Park Fire Department is located in the far Northeast portion of Illinois. We are responsible for providing fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services to a district of approximately 10 square miles that encompasses the majority of The Village of Beach Park and some of the immediate unincorporated area surrounding the Village of Beach Park. We proudly serve approximately 15,000 residents as well as daily commuter traffic between Wisconsin and the Chicago area. During the warmer months the population swells considerably with a large volume of visitors to The Illinois Beach State Park.

We are a combination department with both full time and part time employees supplemented by paid-on-call Firefighter-Paramedics. Full time employees are represented by the International Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local 4806. All members must attain a minimum of a State of Illinois certification of Firefighter II, and EMT-B level Emergency Medical Service certification. Full time members are required to be a paramedic, EMT-P. Our personnel must also maintain a high level of continuing fire and EMS education along with ongoing specialized team training. We are a member of the Lake and McHenry Counties Specialized Response teams. Our department responds to over 1250 calls for service per year.


Do You Need a New Smoke Detector?

The Beach Park Fire Department has just been supplied with a batch of smoke detectors from Kidde and are looking to pass them along to the residents of our community, free of charge. These are standalone smoke detectors that come with mounting hardware to be placed on the ceiling of your home outside of any bedroom or living space and come with 10 year batteries. If you are interested in picking up your free smoke detector please contact us at 847-662-2642



Smoke Detector Still Chirping?

In addition to replacing the smoke detector batteries every six months or so, you should also consider replacing the entire smoke detector 5 to 7 years.
Smoke detectors beep or chirp not just when they needed a new battery but also when the smoke detector needed to be replaced.

Smoke Detectors..... Let’s go through a quick checklist of things you can do to try to figure out why your smoke detector is chirping regularly:

1. Is there Smoke? If there is smoke, get out of the house. If there is no smoke, go to step 2!

2. Check the Batteries: Obviously this is the first thing to check and replace. Don’t use rechargeable or “cheapy” batteries here. All the smoke detectors I’ve ever seen want alkaline batteries. I don’t usually splurge for “name brand” batteries, but I do for my smoke detectors. Use a new, fresh pack from the store. Really. It does make a difference.

3. Check the Expiration Date: As you just read, smoke detectors and other devices like them usually have expiration dates. Even if you’re off by a year or so, you’re probably better off replacing the whole unit ahead of schedule.

4. Clean It Out: Yes, smoke detectors usually mount on the ceiling or in high places, but that doesn’t mean they are immune from dust collection, cobwebs or even nesting bugs and spiders. When you have your smoke detector down you can try blowing it out with a can of compressed air.

5. Read the Manual: Don’t still have the manual? You can find most online now if you use Google and search for the brand of the smoke detector as well as the model. Still can’t find it? Go to step 6.

6. Call the Manufacturer: This is sort of a last resort and they will likely tell you to do some of the same things that are listed here. That being said, they might have some other tricks or they might know if a particular batch of smoke detectors had any issues or recalls.

If you need any assistance, please call the fire station at 847-662-2642.




Help Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".  Every year, the Beach Park Fire Department sells t-shirts and hoodies to help support this cause.  If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt or hoodie, they are available at our Station 1.  For additional info, please contact us at (847) 662-2642.

T-Shirts (S/M/L/XL) $12.00

Hoodies (L/XL/2XL) $20.00

Zip-up Hoodies (L/XL) $30.00



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